Slides From Past Conferences

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1-9-19: Dry Needling by Physical Therapists

1-16-19: So You Prescribed Suboxone: Do Patients Really Take It? A Discussion of Patient Adherence to Suboxone/Buprenorphine Regimens

1-23-19: Navigating the Difficult Encounter: Part II

1-30-19: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Pain Management

2-6-19: Is Chronic Pain a Different Disease than Acute Pain?

2-13-19: Cervicalgia and Tech- Neck: How a Physical Therapist Can Help?

2-20-19: Depression in the Patient with Chronic Pain: Part I

Part 2: Treatment Options for Depression in the Patient with Chronic Pain

2-27-19: The Influence of Opioid Dose Escalation on Pain Scores, Drug Overdoses, Substance Use Disorders

3-6-19: Academic Detailing (AD):  A New Resource From AR-IMPACT

3-13-19: Behavioral Treatments for Substance Use Disorders

3-20-19: Medication Assisted Treatment

3-27-19: Opioid Free: Success Stories of Effectively Stopping Opioid Use

4-17-19: Epidurals

5-1-19: Self-Care Techniques for Managing Chronic Pain

5-8-19: Case Study: Opioid Use Disorder

5-15-19: All about the Data: Opioid Prescribing Trends and Other Opioid Outcome Metrics for Arkansas

5-22-19: Comorbidities in Chronic Pain

5-29-19: Treatment of Radicular Pain

6-5-19: How the Emergency Department can Help Decrease Opioid Use

6-12-19: Contingency Management for Opioid Use Disorder

6-19-19: Opioids and Falls: Is There a Connection?

6-26-19: Opioids in Palliative Care

7-3-19: Outgrowth of Acute to Chronic Opioid Use: How quickly does this happen?

7-10-19: Unintended Consequences of Opioid Policies

7-17-19: Opioid Stewardship

7-24-19: Pain management agreement violations- how to handle this, now!

7-31-19: PDMPs: How effective are they?

8-7-19: So, Who Can I Prescribe Opioids For?

8-14-19: Relapse Prevention

8-21-19: Urological & Pelvic Floor Issues in Older Adults & Physical Therapy Interventions

8-28-19: Mindfulness and the Mind-Body Continuum: Office Approaches for Chronic Pain

9-4-19: Opioids – Race, Class, and Gender Discrepancies

9-11-19: Abuse Deterrent Formulations of Opioids: Are They Working?

9-18-19: Tips for the Busy Clinician:  Lumbar Exam & Treatment

9-25-19: Gabapentin and Pregabalin: Indications and Abuse

10-2-19: Methadone for pain management- Why, when & how

10-9-19: Minimizing Opioids in the Perioperative Period

10-16-19: Insomnia in Chronic Pain

10-23-19: The Role of Behavioral Interventions in Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment

10-30-19: Lymphedema and Chronic Pain in Cancer Patients

11-6-19: Detoxing Arkansas

11-13-19: Abuse Deterrent Formulations of Opioids: Are They Working?

11-20-19: Recognizing and Responding to Suffering

12-4-19: Opioids and the elderly- is it ever appropriate?

12-11-19: Quality of Life

12-18-19: Utility of Urine Drug Screen