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Hello, AR-IMPACT Attendees,

The AR-IMPACT team would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts over the last two years. We hope that all the AR-IMPACT conferences were beneficial to you. In 2020, the delivery of AR-IMPACT is being expanded and altered. We will no longer offer weekly Wednesday conferences. Moving forward, AR-IMPACT is being expanded into four different branches: 1) AR-IMPACT Learn on Demand Portal, 2) AR-IMPACT Speakers Bureau, 3) AR-IMPACT Online Forum, and 4) AR-IMPACT Telemedicine Consultation Clinic. Through the AR-IMPACT Learn on Demand Portal, all of our previous sessions have been archived and are being posted to the AR-IMPACT Learn on Demand platform for which you can continue to receive non-live CME credits. There will be over 80 archived sessions posted to the following link for which you can receive non-live CME credits:

The AR-IMPACT Speakers Bureau will involve didactic education similar to the current AR-IMPACT model. With the Speakers Bureau, AR- IMPACT team members will travel to the UAMS regional centers to present on various topics related to pain treatment and opioid use disorder. An AR-IMPACT team member will provide two workshops on different topics at each UAMS regional center. We are working with the UAMS regional centers to provide remote access for all residents at all of the UAMS regional centers to attend as well as a means for outside providers to attend remotely. Live CME credit will be available through the AR-IMPACT Speakers Bureau. More information on the schedule and means of joining will be forthcoming. The AR-IMPACT Online Forum will be a means for practicing clinicians to obtain expert advice from our AR-IMPACT team via an online portal. More information on this will be forthcoming as well. Finally, the AR-IMPACT Telemedicine Consultation Clinic will also be a partnership with the UAMS regional centers for which the AR-IMPACT team will provide case consultation for patients with chronic pain via telemedicine. This service will be provided to patients and providers at the UAMS regional centers at first with the hope of expanding this service to other clinics in the future.

Thank you, again, for supporting AR-IMPACT over the past two years. Your support has led to the expansion we are experiencing. We hope that you will take advantage of the AR-IMPACT Learn on Demand, the AR-IMPACT Speakers Bureau, and AR-IMPACT Online Forum.

All the best,


AR-IMPACT was launched through a partnership between UAMS, the Arkansas Medical Society, the Arkansas Academy of Family Medicine, the Arkansas Department of Health, and the Arkansas State Medical Board. It is also possible through the generosity of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Office of the State Drug Director.